1. Create An Account or Explore


Creating an account with Entify is easy, choose a pricing plan, our charges are not recurring if it is not needed by our users, This is because we know you do not want to have to worry about that sudden charge. Renew your subscription at your own time. You might not be a business or service provider,  you can simply explore our enhanced Listing category to find the services you need from any location around the world. Yes, the world.

We’ve even integrated a simple dashboard system to ease your process with creating a listing.

Create An Account

2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting a listing using Entify is super simple, we’ve made entering the location of your place easy, when using our Google Places location finder. We understand people are in different countries that’s why you can find solutions globally with Entify.

When your listing has been created it will be submitted for approval, once it is approved it will become visible until its expiration date. Listings can be re edited while pending approval. DO YOU WANT YOUR LISTING VERIFIED BECAUSE YOUR BUSINESS OR SERVICE IS LIABLE TO IDENTITY THEFT ? “CLAIM THE LISTING AFTER CREATION ON THE PAGE” WE’LL VERIFY AFTER WE APPROVE YOUR AUTHENTICITY

Submit Your Listing

3. Get The Exposure You Need Or Bring More Interest to Your Business/Service

This won’t be the first time you look for a listing directory that provides you with different options, but it may be the last time you worry about where to find those services because with Entify you have what you need to get the exposure to excel.

When using Entify your Business/service will get the exposure it deserves, and this will prompt an increase in revenue. Are you an Artist looking for exposure to a Business Owner, or Service Provider? Entify provides a platform where you can find what you need makes you visible to the world.

We have provided a variety of categories. You can find what you need from any location in the world. Entify is proud to be a Global Innovation in society because we put into consideration, what is still needed when you might  travel abroad. This way we believe we are thinking what you may be thinking, You are saying “Where can I find someone who does…or one that can do..? now that I am here or will be elsewhere” and in reality some other people out there are also saying,” Hey I like doing this, or I do this for a living, employ my services” Well now you can have get that well-deserved exposure and not just locally but globally. We want to make it easy for you to excel at whatever you do and now you know where to find that opportunity. With Entify it is a win-win situation, why? it is because You get the exposure you deserve and they get the exposure they deserve. Your Spaces have now become Entified.