Advertising your business with us is another means of marketing your business to millions of user on our platform. For a service provider to advertise on our platform, he/she must be a member or fill the registration form below and choose a preferred advertisement plan.

Entify allows you to build your brand to a targeted audience based on their geographic, behavioral, and demographic profiles. With Entify, you can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Your display ads can appear on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and your campaign will be optimized to deliver maximum results.


You can advertise your business through our homepage; our aim is to popularize your business by showing some features of your business on our page.


The optimize company priority is designed for your company or service to be placed as priority when companies are searched on our website.

Professional videos promoting your business are easy with Entify.

Enhance your image by telling a compelling story

Video can help influence purchases, or exposure and views, Entify help people get to know you and conduct virtual tours of your business. Our video options include simple photo and voice-over visuals, video interviews , Artist Music Videos and many more

Take Advantage of Entify Expertise

Get complete campaign setup, from initial sales consultation to serving your display ad. Our end to end service also includes creative development, campaign optimization, and reporting.

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Generate Top of Mind Awareness

Display ads create awareness for your product or service, increasing the odds of future conversion. Entify allows you to reach your potential consumers where they are spending more of their time. For example, mobile usage has increased over 400% from 2010-2013.